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Cleaner kit (hose with shaped rubber nozzle and brush)

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Cleaner kit (hose with shaped rubber nozzle and brush)

This cleaning kit for Kongsberg router heads will save you time and money as it makes it easier to maintain and clean your machine.

Keeping your machine clean and well maintained is of vital importance for the daily operation and life length of your equipment. We know that in a hectic production with short deadlines keeping the machine clean is an area that can suffer.

The kit contains:

- 2 meter vacuum hose,

- A brush to clean the table

- A rubber nozzle for cleaning the vacuum house and small difficult accessible areas.


This cleaning kit is very easy to use:

- Connects directly to tool head dust extraction

- Easy to turn on/off via all user interface

- Fits to all Kongsberg routing devices

30 x 5 x 30 cm
1 kg