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Crease wheel adapter 60mm

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Crease wheel adapter 60mm
Adapter for 60mm crease and perforation wheels in the PowerHead 'big-wheel' position and the HD unit for XP/C.

The benefit of this adapter is that it frees up one tool station in situations where you own a PowerHead and would like to use 60mm crease wheel or corrugated perforation wheels which will give great time savings for perforation lines.

The 60mm crease and perforation wheels will fit the adapter, with no need for resetting the height reference when the adapter replaces the Ø150mm crease wheel.

Recommended use
Suitable for corrugated board up to C flute. (4mm) The adapter is made to fit in the HDU (Heavy Duty Unit). Standard perforation patterns included: 3mm cut x 3mm space, 5mm cut x 5mm space, 7mm cut x 5mm space, and 10mm cut x 10mm space. As there is no SW control on the wheel rotation, it is not possible to control how the line should start, with a cut or a space. Allows also for the use of 60mm crease wheels (sold separately)
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