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Crease Wheel - 60mm dia - U-shape - complete

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Crease Wheel - 60mm dia - U-shape - complete

The 60mm crease tool for corrugated board offers improved crease quality over smaller wheel diameters.The increased frontal area allows going deeper into the board without cracking the liner, which is especially important for material with high recycle content. It has a U-shaped wheel for double wall corrugated. 

Recommended use
Due to the large diameter the wheel must be attached to the tool after it has been mounted in the toolhead. The wheel easily snaps in place without any auxiliary tool requirements.
Cutting Info
Material Sub Category Thickness Method
Corrugated Double wall EB,BC...(5-7mm) recycled Creasing
Corrugated Single Wall B,C,A...(3-5mm) recycled Creasing
6.5 x 3 x 6.5 cm
0.06 kg